What Would You Do?

Note from a Second Grader


Between 1978-1986, I was a teacher and, later, a children’s librarian.  I wrote the children notes and they wrote back to me.

A devastating fire wiped out most everything in my apartment in January 2016.  I’ve been working through smoky documents that were salvaged, and found notes from the children that I had saved.

Bullying today seems nastier and more viral due, in part, to social media.  When I discovered this note, I asked a few people, if Karla had taken their pencil, what would they have done?  What would they recommend to Rachel, the sweet second grader who wrote this note.

What would you have done (as a second grader)?  What would you suggest to Rachel?



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3 responses to “What Would You Do?

  1. As a second grader I would have taken my pencil back, by force if necessary, and would have advised Rachel to do the same. Today, knowing there are always two sides to every story, nothing is ever as simple as it was then.

  2. Julia

    Given that I suspended three times from elementary school, twice for a physical fight, I too would have probably taken the pencil back by force.
    In my next life I wish to be Rachel. What a precious soul. In the time being, my 2017 New Years Resolution will be to channel Rachel when tough situations arise.

  3. My friend, Gwen, had a great thought. I hope she’ll comment on it further. She said that she would take the pencil and say, “Thank you! You found my pencil.” She said this in a joyful, enthusiastic voice.

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