Selected Talks

Linda has spoken at conferences and corporations since the 1980s. Contact her for information about booking.

Heyrman-Hart Lecture on Essential Self Technologies at Brown University

2011 Aspen Ideas Festival: Stone and Powers Information Overload

MIT Media Lab: Technologies to Support the Essential Self

Wisdom 2.0, Email Apnea

Solid Conference, Essential Self Technologies

Interview with David Weinberger on Inspiration Replication

PICNIC ’09: Start Breathing with Linda Stone
Gel Conference 2006, Linda Stone on Continuous Partial Attention
May I have your attention please? Linda Stone at SIME 2009

ETech 2006, Keynote speech, “Attention: The Real Aphrodisiac” (podcast)

Idea Conference 2007, Keynote speech, “Continuous Partial Attention” (mp3)

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