A Discussion of Essential Self Technologies

This discussion of Essential Self Technologies was presented April 10, 2014, at the MIT Media Lab.

Special thanks to Pattie Maes for hosting, to Alex Bodell and Anthony Zorzos for helping with the demo technologies, and to Karthik Dinakar, who provided video and tech support.

(Yes, I mis-speak for a moment at the beginning.  Oops!  The sympathetic nervous system refers to our “fight or flight” response.  The parasympathetic nervous system refers to our “rest and renew” or “rest and digest” response.)

Published by Linda Stone

I coined the phrases continuous partial attention, email apnea, and screen apnea. I write about attention and our relationship to technology.

One thought on “A Discussion of Essential Self Technologies

  1. Hurray for this! I look forward to listening! How are you feeling? My thoughts are with you. Hoping for a speedy recovery. Here’s an interesting article relevant to some of our discussions.. I don’t buy into the a or b thinking (I am an a and b kind of guy) but I liked it! http://www.newyorker.com/online/blogs/books/2014/04/the-strange-triumph-of-the-little-prince.html And besides once my business manager.. A cultured Israeli woman who was very special to me… Called me “the little prince” and gave me a copy of the book! Lol. I am off to la today. Until later Alan

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